Souls for the Master by John C Adams

Ivy Spires Book One


One is a surgeon terrified by the Master’s genocidal plan.
The other is an assassin working to bring down the government.
Together, they will fight to save the people of West Metropolis.

Brought up in luxury by a father right at the heart of the political system, Gerald spends his days saving lives and relaxing with other members of the elite in East Metropolis until the government’s plan to wipe out the people of the west emerges.

Ivy is a ruthless killer from West Metropolis, trained to eliminate those closest to the Master as the uprising begins. She poses as a cocktail waitress to get close to her targets. But when her orders are activated, this brings her into the heart of East Metropolis and up against Gerald’s powerful father.

Souls for the Master is a futuristic nightmare set in a dystopian world where human beings are destroyed at will, in which a young doctor and an undercover agent become unlikely allies.

“A dark and imaginative dystopia, slowly revealed through excellent characters leading the fight for humanity. A brilliant story, thoroughly recommended to those who dare to wonder just how bad the future could become.”
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