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Volcano Adventure: John C Adams Reviews

Book name: Volcano Adventure

Author: Willard Price

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Format: Print

Genre: Children

Publication Date: 1956

Star Rating: 5/5

Willard Price is famous for a range of adventure books published between 1949 and 1980.

Initially aimed at boys, they are still in print and very popular with the added advantage that the modern world does not attempt to pigeonhole readership in the same way.

Many of the titles are also available on Kindle.

I’m reviewing Volcano Adventure because I love this story and feel that it’s a great first-read for those new to the series.

The ‘Adventure’ series features Hal and Roger Hunt, brothers. Their father is John Hunt, a famous naturalist and animal collector.

John has agreed to let Roger and Hal spend a year out of school engaging in practical learning in the field.

Volcano Adventure begins with the pair visiting a Japanese volcano Asama with Dr Dan Adams, a volcanologist.

Although they are determined to reach the summit, the volcano is already erupting.

Roger spots some Japanese adventurers and the two groups join up and ascend towards the summit together.

When fog descends, they attempt to light a fire without much success. It is also bitterly cold.

They also instigate a system of spreading out in single file within shouting distance of each other in order to be able to keep moving forward.

The eruption continues, and Dr Dan takes scientific measurements as it happens.

The group eventually return safely but their next volcano adventure sees them ascending Mt Mihara in Japan.

Volcano Adventure is an interesting development from the more traditional children’s fiction aimed at boys, such as GA Henty or Percy F Westerman.

Here the focus is on science and as knowledge for a reason for us to travel the world and engage with other cultures.

The emphasis is sharing knowledge in both directions, including when Roger and Hal offer to help a discouraged student with his English to help him improve his mental health by passing his exams in a retake.

This is very different from the more traditional, colonial and military focus of much of earlier boys’ fiction.

I loved Volcano Adventure. Hal and Roger are a great team, and I learnt so much about the science behind volcanoes. There was plenty that was educational in the books, extending the premise of the scientific expedition to the young readership, engaging them in a way that might prove more productive than classroom teaching for the intended age group.

Highly recommended!

Thank you for reading my review.

John C Adams Reviews Volcano Adventure

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