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Trinity Rising by Elspeth Cooper: John C Adams Reviews

Book name: Trinity Rising

Author: Elspeth Cooper

Publisher: Gollancz

Format: print, ebook

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: 2012

Rating: 4/5

Preparation Time: One prequel

Cooking Time: Many months until all ingredients are brought to the boil

Serves: one generous helping

One cup of sorcery (black)

About half a pint of dark dreams

1 ½ teaspoons of hidden magical talent


1oz of mixed spices from exotic, mysterious cultures

A sprinkling of religious conviction (stale)

1 egg (human, growing in the womb)

1. Discard the much-loved girlfriend who died before the action started. Retain only the shell of her grieving lover. Place to one side for much of the action while preparing the other major plot strand for maturity.

2. Place one young woman on ice within a northern climate. Surround with furs inside a cave until thoroughly chilled. Shred all self-respect using a nasty and violent clan chieftain. Leave to soak in bizarre visions until plump with child. Remove from cold storage and allow to warm naturally until she reaches room temperature. Makes enough for two helpings, final book included. Set aside half for future recipes.

3. Marinade said grieving lover in exotic spices until completely absorbed. Check taste, adding more seasoning if required. Roast until thoroughly cooked. Serve alongside a fresh helping of female servants of the deity, finely shredded.

4. Drizzle both dishes with a sour topping of third plot strand (optional).

5. Serve.

Cook’s verdict: tastier with the third plot strand. Five stars.

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