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Soul Taken by Patricia Briggs: John C Adams Reviews

Book name: Soul Taken

Author: Patricia Briggs

Publisher: Ace

Format: Print, ebook, audiobook

Genre: Supernatural

Publication Date: 2022

Star Rating: 5/5

Soul Taken is one of many mysteries from Patricia Briggs featuring Mercy Thompson.

By this point in their saga, Mercy (a shapeshifting coyote) and her pack of werewolves have been through the mill. However, their journey is not over yet.

Soul Taken is an entirely self-contained story, with the necessary back elements being supplied along the way.

Mercy and Adam, the pack leader, are enjoying a night out with the pack when Mercy is hit on the head. Chaos ensues, and she’s determined to find out who hit her.

Afterwards, the pack wind down at Uncle Mike’s restaurant, but there are soon much more serious matters to consider.

Adam is the pack’s Alpha, but Sherwood (who previously suffered extensive memory loss) has recovered a sense of who he is.

This throws the pack into fresh challenges because Sherwood is now aware that he is potentially more powerful than Adam.

A further issue arises when Marsilia, a vampire, visits Mercy and Adam. She demands that they find Wulfe, a fellow vampire, who has gone missing.

Mercy and Adam agree to do so. They quickly discover that many witches have gone missing too.

With so many challenges on hand, it isn’t surprising that Mercy and Adam have their work cut out even with the help of Larry the Goblin King.

Soul Taken was a slow-moving story, taking almost four-hundred pages to solve these subplots. However, there was an excellent reason for that because Patricia Briggs worked hard in describing the psychology of the pack. This was absolutely integral to the story and made it a superb example of supernatural fiction.

Most of Soul Taken was told from Mercy’s point of view, which made the story intimate and really worked at keeping the romance side going. There were several forays into other points of view, which is fairly unusual in a first-person narrative, but the story was sufficiently compelling that it didn’t detract from my enjoyment.

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John C Adams Reviews Soul Taken

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