John C Adams Reviews 'Corpse Control'

Corpse Control

(YouTube 2020-1)

Corpse Control has been on YouTube for a little over a year now, but we discovered it recently when one of Jim’s Facebook friends recommended it. Having finished Midnight Mass on Netflix and AHS Season One on DVD we were on the hunt for a new horror series to binge watch, so his message landed at just the right time.

The videos are a collaborative effort, so far as we could tell from the lack of credits for directing and other functions. For the same reason, none of the actors are credited in this review. I’m still not sure how I feel about that as a reviewer, because when I see an acting performance that I admire I like to give credit and find out more about the actor’s work.

The premise is that two hapless blokes work for Corpse Control, they arrive at your home to remove the zombie corpse making a nuisance of itself and generally end up doing more injury to themselves than to the zombie.

Dave is a bit of a ladies’ man, which leads him into lots of trouble since he’s not always the best at spotting zombies or remembering to wear a condom. Rex is having a monumental dry spell, but still isn’t tempted to accept the offer of a threesome that comes his way. Together they ride around Manhattan in a company van, tranquilizing zombies and hauling them back to the office while hoping to find the women of their dreams. At least, that’s the plan.

I loved the hints of improv. That’s an essential part of any contemporary comedy show, especially since ‘Brooklyn 99’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ raised the bar for everyone. The tentative pauses and moments of uncertainty introduced an element of realism to the improv exchanges.

Each episode features at least a couple of one-off new characters, and those actors gave vivid performances (Twitch influencer, camp photographer and jealous boyfriend, sister of a Prepper weirdo) that brought their scenes to life. My favourite parts remain the core scenes between Dave and Rex, showing their development as buddies and colleagues.

The music was also a particular joy. Any theme tune that with only minimal slowing down of tempo could make a passable background track to a porn movie is a host in itself. And there was a little musical motif that established drama or threats to come which was also very effective in signposting the viewer to shifts from funny to action.

Highly recommended.

You can watch Corpse Control on YouTube here:

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