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Review Policy

I review books that I have been thrilled and delighted by, sharing them in the hope that you will enjoy them too. I never accept free or discounted copies in return for a review, but always pay the full price for my own copy. I prefer supporting traditional bookshops (including secondhand bookshops) where at all possible. I love discovering new books and different authors this way.


Because I have an entirely free choice as to which books to review, you are very unlikely to see a negative review on my blog. Instead, I write about the books I have genuinely enjoyed, presenting both positive and less positive aspects of each book reviewed in an objective and informative manner.


I never review a book I could not bring myself to finish, or felt only so-so about. I can set aside a book I really didn't enjoy at all, or which while undeniably well written simply didn't speak to me as an individual, in the privacy of my own home. If I don't feel enthusiastic about a book, I can't expect you to do so or to even enjoy reading my review of it.


I do not accept any kind of payment or benefit in exchange for a review. I am registered for affiliate marketing with Amazon and receive a small commission from purchases made.

My website contains many links to author interviews and to other sites that I believe will be of interest to you. These do NOT involve affiliate links or payment of any kind unless clearly stated right next to the individual link. This includes individual (especially vintage) small booksellers, whose work in selling secondhand books I am happy to support without charge. I am always delighted to hear from sellers of vintage fiction (especially children's fiction) requesting that a link to their website be included in one of my reviews.

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