Here at John C Adams Reviews, I review books that I have been thrilled and delighted by, sharing them in the hope that you will enjoy them too. I never accept free or discounted copies in return for a review, but always pay the full price for my own copy. I prefer supporting traditional bookshops (including secondhand bookshops) where at all possible. I love discovering new books and different authors this way.


Because I have an entirely free choice as to which book to review, rather than accepting a review copy and then writing a review regardless of whether I liked it, you are very unlikely to see a negative review on my blog. Instead, I only write about the books I have genuinely enjoyed, presenting both positive and less positive aspects of each book reviewed in an objective and informative manner.


I never review a book I could not bring myself to finish, or felt only so-so about. I can set aside a book I really didn't enjoy at all, or which while undeniably well written simply didn't speak to me as an individual, in the privacy of my own home. If I don't feel enthusiastic about a book, I can't expect you to do so or to even enjoy reading my review of it. Many of the books I read are recommended to me by family, friends, colleagues and in online reading groups. I've found so many exciting authors and books that way. If you've really enjoyed a book and would like to recommend I review it please add a comment to this effect, mentioning what you liked about it and why you think it fits well with other books I've reviewed at John C Adams Reviews, to the bottom of my most relevant blog post (in the same genre). Alternatively, you can tag me on Twitter at @johncadamssf to suggest a book for me to review. I'd love to hear your suggestions.


I do not accept any kind of payment or benefit in exchange for a review, and I am not registered for affiliate marketing. Please note that I am not open for review requests from authors or publishers because that simply isn't the basis upon which this blog operates.