Dagmar of the Northlands

Gortah van Murkar Book Two

A brave young woman who leaves her female lover behind to go to war.
A powerful king determined not to let his empire crumble.

Together, they will come to blows over Orkna.

Eager to earn her share of the spoils, eighteen-year-old Dagmar sails for the island of Orkna on a raid with her half-brother, the king of the Northlands. Confusion over her feelings for Frakkok Warmhearth mingle with concern in Dagmar’s heart that her half-brother is not fit to lead their people.


Gortah van Murkar controls an empire that stretches around the world, yet he has no intention of taking the invasion of Orkna lying down. Yet his determination to hold his territory is distracted by his greatest worry of all: that the child the queen carries is that of her lover not her husband.

Dagmar of the Northlands continues the epic fantasy trilogy begun in Aspatria with a voyage to a land inspired by Viking culture, legend and history, in which a plucky young female warrior and the most powerful king in the world must each fight other for territory and honour.

“An epic-length book, this story is filled with fantastical lands, intriguing characters, and a complex history of kingdoms and gods. I really enjoyed the vivid imagery and excellent characterization of both the heroes and villains.”

Sunshine Somerville’s Blog review of Dagmar of the Northlands


“Very interesting concept full of vivid imagery and amazing characters.”

Bookshelf Adventures’ Blog review of Dagmar of the Northlands


“A memorable, mind-bending, and emotionally-driven fantasy romance novel, author John C. Adams's novel “Aspatria” is a must-read epic fantasy. The readers will be instantly drawn in by the gritty and brutal war that opens up the novel, and be drawn in as the romance and emotions between Dextra and the men hoping to win her heart play out on the pages, creating engaging and entertaining drama that is impossible to put down.”

Author Anthony Avina’s Blog


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