John C Adams

As well as reviewing and writing articles, I also try my hand at a bit of fiction.


My fantasy novels Aspatria and Dagmar of the Northlands are both available on Smashwords. Aspatria is free.

My horror novels Souls for the Master and Blackacre Rising are both available on  Smashwords. Souls for the Master is free.

My free horror and fantasy anthology The Red Dawn and Other Stories is also available on Smashwords.

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Hidden Fires


Ivy Spires felt like she'd known Don Allwood all her life, but she counted their first meeting of minds as the time she ran across him in the dead of night, right in the middle of Western Metropolis.


Ivy had been scouting for food in some of the local dustbins. The pangs of her stomach had grown too painful to ignore and she had snuck out of the squat where she lived with her brother, regardless of his rigid insistence that she stay there safe when he was out scavenging.


Returning home, Ivy spotted a slim blond figure wandering along in the shadows of the tall apartment blocks. By a trick of his walk, she identified Don and whistled to him. 'Sure it's safe for you out here alone?'


'Riskier for you!' Don replied.


They fell into step with each other and Ivy shook her head indulgently. 'What have I got that's worth stealing?'


Don rummaged in his pocket and drew out a shiny red apple. Its skin was perfect. He tossed it to Ivy and she sank her teeth into it. Tree ripened and completely fresh. She longed to ask how on earth he had got hold of it in the slum she and millions of others were forced to live in, everyone crammed together and eating whatever they could lay hands on. But his silent expression was more inscrutable than ever.


The life they lived here did that to them.


I Sang And They Came To Me


The water inlet was peaceful after the turmoil of the ocean, but real safety lay only in the lake itself. The freshness of the water bathed my face as I gingerly swam further down the narrow passageway.


Now, a strange voice echoed inside my head. It beckoned me to swim further north than the usual breeding grounds of my kind. We had always been loners, seldom gathering together for longer than a few days and with decades in between our couplings. The large beasts of the ocean live long lives and mate only two or three times in a century. To be alone again felt more natural than swimming with the rest of my species. And the voice, alternately sweet and sharp depending on the mood of the Master, was always in my mind urging me on.


When I reached the calm of Darkwater, I gambolled at the surface, allowing my tail fins and massive dorsal fin to become visible from the shore. These tiny little figures, jumping up in fear and surprise were intriguing. Their shouts of warning and excitement amused me.


I sang and they came to me, drowning in Darkwater's inky blackness until the towns and villages along the shore were bereft of inhabitants. They couldn't resist my voice, and there were moments when I felt almost sorry for them. But even those instants were tinged with joy at the satisfaction of draining their souls until there was nothing left.