How Can I Help You?


I offer TEFL lessons in Legal English, Business English, General English and for learners preparing for IELTS exams.

I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Somerville College, Oxford and after that spent a couple of years as a management consultant before qualifying as a solicitor. I have a TEFL Advanced Diploma Level 5. I also have a Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Newcastle University.

TEFL lessons start from just £20 for 45 minutes one-to-one online. I also offer small-group online lessons. Please contact me on the email address below to find out more.

I also offer proofreading and editing for anyone with English as a second language. If you'd like rigorous but sympathetic and supportive editing of a really important document, or just have some writing you'd like to have polished up, I charge from £10 for proofreading and a light edit.



Find out more here at Upwork:

You can also contact me at johncadams7872 [at] to talk about your TEFL needs. I'd love to hear from you.